Art II Final Portfolio

1. Choose a successful thing

Topic: Scientific. Result: Bill Nye. How could it have ended up any other way, really?

I imagine the decision that contributed most to the success of this project was not drawing his face. Not everything needs a face. My reasoning behind this one lacking a face was A) because an allusion to a well-known figure is a different thing than a plain old picture of the well-known figure, and I was aiming for allusion, and B) faces are hard. I didn't have much time to work on it anyway, because I spent most of my time on the sketch, trying desperately to figure out how wrinkles worked. I drew about half of the suit body and then had to bring it home to complete the next night, which perhaps was not the best process, but it worked well enough.

2. Choose an unsuccessful thing

I can't put a finger on why this was unsuccessful. Maybe it was the pencils, maybe it was the whole idea itself. But I think the idea was pretty well fleshed out, so it must have been the pencils. Here's the thing; I bought a set of fancy colored pencils for $40. I was determined to use those pencils insteads of the ones that actually blended together well. Actually, now that I think about it, everything in this picture would have ben better if I had access to those pencils. Whoops.

3. Pick 2 developmental things.

These two both involve acrylic paint, which is probably the medium I developed most in. I've grown rather fond of the stuff even though it smells a lot. But I now understand how to blend and mix the colors well enough to create coherent pictures (even though some reports conclude one of my thumbtacks is, in fact, a shark). In the case of the mixed media project the paint actually turned out better than my vision. I have developed in other things, like ideas involving what to paint, which I think is mostly apparent in the layout of the mixed media and in the thumbtacks of the painting..

4. Choose two mini things

So, I have tragically been refused by the demon that possesses my phone to upload the pictures of the mini lessons, so I'll just pretend they're here.

(Picture of a watercolor apple)                                                 (Picture of the first multimedia thing)

For the watercolor one, I basically learned how to use watercolor. Like, all of it. I knew nothing of watercolor previously. As for the multimedia, I pretty much laid down the groundwork of what would be my multimedia project. Putting down newspapers and coloring things with tissue paper are the two things I did most in that project.

5. Choose the best medium thing

Crazily enough, I'm going to say acrylic. It smells like pure evil for me, it was colorful and much more fun to use than pencil, which is not something I hand out lightly.

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